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Sticky Situation

I Love, Love, Love your products.  I clean rental properties and travel trailers for three different companies and started using your products just last month. After contracting chemical pneumonia last fall from inhaling large amounts of cleaning products, I started looking for non-toxic cleaning products and came across your website.  The description of your products, list of ingredients and the VERY reasonable prices is what convinced me to try your products first. I can't tell you how wonderful I think they are. They clean every bit as well, if not better than most chemically laden products on the market today that I've used.  I love the fresh clean lemony smell they all have.  

My favorite product is the degreaser.  I needed to remove some stickers from walls and mirrors and didn't want to use the "Goof Off" products due to the vapor and paint removal damage it always does.  On a whim I sprayed the stickers with the degreaser and continued to clean a different area.  About 10 minutes later I went back to the sticker and used my fingernail to see if it had softened at all.  Boy did it ever!  It came off in one big piece and left NO sticker residue behind without harming the paint!  I couldn't believe it!  I was sold.  

Dana Cook

Office Manager

Intermountain Motion Pictures, Inc.

Salt Lake City, Utah  

Fishy Tales

it was some time ago i was @ shaws supermarket in Groton Ma..

being a father of 4, and trying to stretch a buck, i usually frequent the reduced section of the market.

it was there that i stumbled upon several Dragonfly Organix products.

glass cleaner, grease remover, hardwood floor cleaner, and odor eliminator.

all of them superior products to say the least.

the grease remover is second to none without a doubt... it was the first bottle i used up. (again... i have 4 kids lol)

my story though is about the odor eliminator.

last summer, while on vacation, my freezer decided to die.

when we returned i noticed an odor in the basement.

to my shock and horror i had to throw away hundreds of dollars worth of food.

i had just bought a brand new pair of Timberland cross country sneakers.

when i picked up the first package without thinking it through, a big gush of fishy fluid spilled out all over my clothing...

including my brand new sneakers...

i sprayed them down with the odor eliminator and put them on my shoe dryer overnight.i was not hopeful about the outcome, but had to try something.

the smell was completely and utterly gone the next day. i was astonished! since that time i have used the last bottle i have sparingly... this morning i used it on my favorite flannel jacket when i accident lifted the trash bag too fast.

this was a real horrible bag of trash.  the smell is completely gone

tom harvey

nashua nh

Erasure in a Bottle

Our local school system thought that it would be a good idea to give the kids a four day weekend. The problem is that my wife and I had to work on that fourth day. So, we made some concessions at work and we would only be leaving the kids alone for a few hours. When I arrived home not only did I step in a huge mess my dog left for me at the back door, but I immediately noticed my son imitated a graffitti artist while we were gone. He wrote his name with a black Sharpie on the porcelain tiles downstairs. After he was sentenced to a time out, I grabbed the Dragonfly Organix Stain Remover. It made short work of the so called permanent marker. Whew! Eraser in a bottle! Thank God because his handwriting is awful.

Thank you for Dragonfly Organix Stain Remover – which we now call our “Erasure in a bottle!”

Norwell, MA

Glitz on Rhinestones

”I LOVE your Glitz cleaner! I use it to clean all of my vintage jewelry. It really makes rhinestones sparkle.”

Linda Worden
Port Orchard, Washington

Kayak Kleaning

Multi purpose cleaner got rid of mold and mildew stains from deflated boats stored crumpled up in outside shed for 2 years - better than product designed for these types of vinyl boats @ one-third of the cost.  

Bridget O'Keefe

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and I use your Odor eliminator. It is my life line. When ever there is a chemical odor in my apartment my blood pressure rises. There are many other symptoms but this is the life threating one. I have already had a stroke because of the condition. Not many people understand this syndrome. I love the product and it does what it claims. It has no chemicalss and it works great at killing the toxic odors the ones that effect me. Thank you.

Catherine House
Stow, MA

Fabulous Floor Find

We live in Georgia but have found your Floor Cleaner at the Albertson's in Sanford, Florida where we have a condo. We would buy it and bring it home everytime we were down there. For some reason they seem to have stopped stocking it and we were very disappointed. It is the best floor cleaner we have ever found for our Pergo flooring. Now that I have found I can buy it on line...well, I'm now a happy girl again!

Great product!

Sherry Masters, Georgia

Clean Boat for Dad

We took the sample of Dragonfly Organix Degreaser to the boat Saturday and my husband loved it. I can’t believe I will be getting him a cleaner for father’s day. What a testimonial.

Susan Bogner Rodriguez
Vice President of Sales
Boston Green Goods dba; • •

Polishing the Past

I have an antiqued wedding ring so I've always had a hard time finding a jewelry cleaner that would clean and polish my ring without taking the antiquing off. I found it at last in Dragonfly Organix Glitz. I love it!! My ring and all my jewelry for that matter looks great and sparkles like it did when it was new.

Becky Zacher
Minnetonka, MN

Amazing Grease

I have an old garage with a very thick oil stain on the concerete floor. I fiqure the stain must be sixty years old. I saturated the stain with your Dragonfly Organix Degreaser, waited fifteen minutes and then scrubbed the area. Some oil came up but, I was not overly impressed. Deciding to give your product one more chance, I sprayed a little more on the stain and let it sit for 2 hours. When I came back, I scrubbed a little, rinsed with water and was amazed that the stain was gone! Great product!


H. H. Anderson
St. Paul, MN

Fancy Footware

My children were participating in the local parade and needed to have white sneakers. Your Dragonfly Organix All Purpose Cleaner took all of the marks and grass stains out of perfectly good footwear. Thanks to you, they were whitened and brightened to look like new.

E. Smith, MA

Naughty Kitty

I recently purchased a brand new comforter. Our male cat is very territorial and cat urine odor is almost impossible to get rid of. Your Dragonfly Organix Odor Control completely got rid of the smell and the Dragonfly Organix All Purpose Cleaner cleaned the stain completely! Thank you. Unfortunately, we are still using your products

Judy Santore. Little Neck,,NY

Domestic Bliss

As an owner of a home cleaning service, I have experimented with a lot of products. Organics have been ineffective to do the deep cleaning that I need because they usually require more frequent use. Since I only show up to clean every two weeks or once a month, the dirt has really built up by then and I need a tougher cleanser. Dragonfly Organix have given me a way to clean organically, quickly, and efficiently.

I use the All Purpose Cleaner on counters, but where it shines is on the flooring. I don’t use it now simply because it is organic, it is the best floor cleaner I’ve ever used, period. Not only does it clean vinyl and linoleum floors better than anything else, it makes them look like I buffed them.

The best thing for removing soap build up in the shower and bath is the Degreaser! I spray it on first, give it a few minutes and it cuts through layers of built up soap film that a scouring cleanser won’t.

The Glass Cleaner works beautifully and the Odor Eliminator is great for spraying in garbage cans, diaper pails, and on rugs and carpeting that have soured.

These products are powerhouses, and I’m glad to finally have them.

Kay B.
Domestic Bliss Home Cleaning Service, Twin Cities, MN

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